Our Maintenance Services include:

• Pre-Planned Maintenance for HVAC, Water Treatment Plant & Dosing Equipment
• Cooling Tower Cleaning & Maintenance
• UKAS Accredited Water Analysis Sampling in compliance with BS8552:2012
• Swimming Pool UKAS Accredited Water Analysis Sampling in compliance with PWTAG
• System Monitoring & Guidance for Existing Buildings in compliance with BSRIA BG50:2013
• HSE ACoP L8 Risk Assessments
• HVAC & Domestic Water System Validation & Surveys
• HVAC Seasonal Commissioning to BSRIA BG44:2013
• Remediation Water Treatment & Closed System Flushing Works to BSRIA BG29:2012
• Supply of Comprehensive Range of Water Treatment Plant and Equipment & own branded Chemicals for Closed, Open and Domestic Water Systems
• Chlorination & Disinfection to BSRIA BS8558:2015 & HSE ACoP L8
• Installation, Service & Repair of Water Treatment Plant and Dosing Equipment

“L8 Water Management System” is tailored to meet your specific water monitoring & maintenance requirements to ensure ACoP L8 & HSG 274 Part 1, 2 & 3 compliance and will include but not be limited to the following;

• UKAS Accredited Water Sampling & Interpretation of Analysis
• Onsite Analytical Water Monitoring & Testing
• Weekly Flushing of Low Use Outlets
• Monthly Temperature Monitoring of Hot & Cold Water Services
• Quarterly Calorifier Blow Downs
• Quarterly Tank Inspections
• Quarterly Clean, Descale and Disinfection of Spray Taps, Shower Heads & Hoses
• Annual TMV Maintenance

Elmtech offer a range of Maintenance Services, our skilled engineers use high quality own labelled chemicals to minimise the damage to life and property and to maximise efficient beneficial use.